Christmas post hit as Royal Mail workers strike

Royal Mail workers staged a series of walkouts last year, including in the lead up to Christmas. «The proposed agreement will now be considered by the executive of the union before being voted on by the union’s membership. “It is nothing more than an asset-stripping business plan that will see the breakup of the company and the end of Royal Mail as a major contributor to the UK economy. The firm has been trying to move away from letter delivery, which it has said is unprofitable, but it is obliged to deliver letters to all parts of the UK. Discussions are «precarious» and in their «last throes», with the next hours key to settling the dispute, a source close to the talks said. The RMT disagrees with some of the changes and wants a guarantee of no compulsory job losses.

Along with the rail industrial action on Tuesday and Wednesday, there will also be train strikes on Friday and Saturday. The average pay rise for workers in the private sector was 6.9% between August and October. The dispute has been going on since the summer and like all the industrial mexican peso exchange rate action across rail, the NHS, teachers, border staff and driving examiners, pay is a key issue. As well as holding strikes this week, 115,000 Royal Mail workers from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) will also take industrial action on 23 December and Christmas Eve.

  1. A spokesman for Royal Mail said the company had made a «best and final pay offer worth up to 9% over 18 months».
  2. The union representing the workers is demanding a pay rise that more closely reflects the current rate of inflation.
  3. He described the plans as an «asset-stripping business plan» that will lead to the break-up of the company.
  4. Together, those problems overshadowed what IDS said were successful efforts to cut costs and “rightsize” the business in the second half of the financial year.

“We’ve been at a crossroads and we were moving forward, and Simon decided this was the opportunity for him to step down and appoint new leadership,” Williams said. The CWU’s executive will meet next week to consider the deal, which if accepted, will then be voted on by union members. “Royal Mail is losing £1m a day and must change faster in response to changing customer demands. A CWU spokesman said it was «clear» that Royal Mail Group are in a «serious financial situation», but that this was due to «mismanagement and recklessness at the most senior level of the company». On Tuesday, a separate set of figures from the ONS revealed that the gap between wage growth in the public and private sector is near a record high.

The first-ever nationwide strike by nurses is also expected to go ahead this week. However, because she relies «so heavily on the post» to get products from suppliers and to send her art to customers, she says it «has made my life very hard this Christmas season». «The price of everything’s going up, people are having to do more and more overtime,» she said. Letters will not be delivered and some parcels will be delayed, the Royal Mail has warned. “We’ll continue to revise and improve performance in all our units every year,” the IDS chair, Keith Williams, said. You can change these settings by clicking “Ad Choices / Do not sell my info” in the footer at any time.

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General Secretary Mr Ward said the changes could lead to the «destruction of the special relationship that postal workers and the public have in every community in the UK». Those efforts included slashing 10,000 jobs at Royal Mail, a target it reached months before schedule and which will save the business about £150m over the next financial year. IDS’s chief financial officer, Mick Jeavons, said “there is no further job cut plan, or target”.

The long-running dispute over pay and conditions has resulted in the launch of a 24-hour strike on Thursday. This is in addition to the remaining 18 days of industrial action planned for the coming weeks. While the pay deal – which was reached after workers staged 18 days of strike action – will cost about £600m, IDS said it would largely be covered by cost cuts over the next two years. Industrial action will threaten the job security of postal workers, said Royal Mail, calling on the leaders of CWU to cancel the walk-out and accept invitations for talks. This is the sixth strike for postal workers, and comes after a summer of unrest which saw rail workers and criminal barristers walk out amid disputes with their employers. Another example of a workforce being led, lemming-like, over the edge of an employment cliffs by their trade union’s dinasaur leader in ANOTHER POLITICALLY MOTIVATED STRIKE designed to bash the Tories.

The CWU union accuses the Royal Mail company of planning structural changes, which would transform employees in secure, well-paid jobs into a “casualised, financially precarious workforce overnight”. This is part of a long-running dispute between unions, rail firms, the government and Network Rail over pay, job cuts and changes to terms and conditions. The card company Moonpig has advised customers to order early where possible but said its gifts and flowers use different delivery services so would be unaffected by the strikes.

Royal Mail hails best Christmas for four years – but staff miss £500 bonus

Tuesday’s walkout by rail staff left services running at about a fifth of capacity, on a day when snow, ice and fog hampered road and air travel. But a spokesman for the CWU said that Royal Mail has offered workers a 3% pay rise this year, 3% next year as well as an additional 2% if employees agree to «the absolute destruction» of terms and conditions. Firms have warned of the hit to Christmas sales as postal workers squeezed by rising costs fight for higher pay and better conditions. No letters will be delivered during strike days, said Royal Mail, but as many special delivery and Tracked24 parcels as possible would be delivered.

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You can choose not to receive personalised ads by clicking “Reject data collection and continue” below. Please note that you will still see advertising, but it will not be personalised to you. It has said the strikes have cost the company £200m in lost business and in covering striking staff.

But the rail industry was hit by a drop-off in passenger numbers during the Covid pandemic, and it’s under pressure to save money. Bosses say reforms need to be agreed, to afford pay increases and modernise the railway. A spokesman for Royal Mail said the company had made a «best and final pay offer worth up to 9% over 18 months».

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It said the strikes have cost the company £200m in lost business and in covering striking staff. When you consent to data collection on AMP pages you are consenting to allow us to display personalised ads that are relevant to you when you are outside of the UK. “We call on the CWU leaders to cancel their planned strike action and accept our invitation to enter talks through Acas without further delay. The BBC understands that there may be movement on the current pay offer to unions to try and resolve the issues. Talks to resolve a long-running row with Royal Mail staff over pay and conditions are close to collapse.

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